Thursday, December 3, 2009

Desktop Project Management Software Programs

How can project management software make managing your projects so much more easier and profitable? What project management software does is simply break down all of the data that is available both in a real time and non real time basis and then sorts it out and makes it available for you on plain to read and simple to understand charts and graphs.

Traditional project management software applications, like MS Project, were created to support the waterfall project management style and are file-based. All the data on different projects are stored in various disconnected files and are usually accessible to the team members in the read-only mode. The existing combination of processes and tools does not encourage the team to contribute to project plans directly on a daily basis. With these solutions, someone has to connect all the pieces and bits of information into a bigger picture, and this person is the project manager.

There are many project management software tools available with many features and options, i.e. tools for risk management, activity based costing analysis, earned value management, planning, budgeting and other tracking tools. A project-planning software package will usually involve five items of information for input.

Project management software allows project managers to achieve the more tedious, clerical tasks swiftly and professionally. The challenge for the project manager is not to illustrate the drawings, but to recognize dependencies, and manage the resources available. Furthermore, project management software is able to perform the calculations for deriving critical path and flow charts much faster than human inputs. Project management software makes maintenance and adjustments easier.